How to Treat Anxiety Naturally

Anxiety is a health problem related to the state of mind. Anxiety is characterized by instability and stress. This is a condition which can have consequences of the affected person, work, academic, social and health aspects. It becomes a great concern especially when the person has lengthened state of anxiety. It is advisable that you look for a solution if you are having such periods. In case your close person has such a problem, you can as will help. There are various ways to alleviate anxiety some of which include modifying the diet. Basically, the few things discussed here can help any person to reduce or alleviate the anxiety fully.

Try one to three cups of chamomile tea when feeling anxious. Two chemicals that boost relaxation are present in this tea. It has been shown that the signs of anxiety decrease within eight weeks of taking this tea. Boosting the daily intake of omega three is another way to go about it. The omega-3 fatty acids are known to reduce anxiety symptoms. It's function is reducing the level of stress hormone such as cortical and adrenaline in the body.  Foods high on moga03 fatty acids include flax seeds, walnuts and tuna.

Signs of stress hormone has been shown after breathing lavender. This is the basic reason why it is widely used massage oil. A study showed that clients who received massage with lavender oil felt better about themselves than those who took massage without use of massage oil. You can place the lavender oil in your bath or on your pillow. Dabbing few drops on your skin can work as well. Patients who use lavender oil before they take  cancer treatment have less signs of anxiety. Know more claims about fitness at .

Increase your intake of L-lysine in your diet. This amino acid is used as building block for the brains chemical messengers. It was observed that people who took more of L-lysine in their diet showed minimum symptoms on anxiety. It achieves this by reducing the levels of stress hormone. This compound is high in foods like beans, meat and fish. Ensure that you take at least fifteen minutes of sunlight daily. It helps to increase the amount of vitamin D in your body which is vital in reduction of stress symptoms. The break will also help you enjoy the benefits of outdoor activity. Also, it was observed that people who strolled through green environment such as forest had lower stress hormones than those who strolled on busy urban streets. In case you live in urban places, walk in a quiet street that is lined with streets. Know more about anxiety treatment at .

Also noted is that doing physical exercise increase your levels of endorphins making you feel good about yourself. These are some of the few things that you can do to relieve your stress symptoms from home, click for more !